with your body

Body image defines all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and behaviours we have towards our bodies.

It may be in line with the way others see us, or not at all (this is called body dysmorphia).

When we experience body dissatisfaction, we are at a much higher risk of suffering from anxiety and depression and of developing unhealthy weight control behaviours (like smoking, fasting, purging, eating disorders, self-harm). We also lack confidence, and don’t always dare to speak up for ourselves. We may be trapped in endless diet-binge cycles or extreme body control anxiety that leaves us no freedom.

Some people believe that to improve body image, we need to change the way our bodies look, but that’s a complete fallacy. Since our body image is stored in our brains and to neuroplasticity, we can improve the way we see ourselves without having to change our appearance first! It’s the work I do with clients since 2018.

As a feminist ‘Health at every size’ practitioner, I am passionate about social justice and ending weight oppression. My practice is open to all, fat positive, size inclusive and takes into consideration each client’s unique life experiences.

Through my coaching expertise and my own experience with body image struggles, I’m able to help and lead clients towards more body joy, confidence and self-compassion, without changing a single thing about their weight or appearance!


– Foster a better relationship with your body
– Let go of weight as a marker of health
– Learn to connect to oneself with kindness
– Decrease stress, anxiety and negative self-talk
– Improve mental and physical health
– Develop cognitive tools to prevent relapses
– Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
– Regain mental space and freedom

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