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I am an official facilitator of the “Guided self-help” programme developed by Dr Christopher G. Fairburn, based on his book “Overcoming binge eating”, which is a streamlined form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Guided self-help implies that a patient (that’s you) follows a self-help program with guidance from a professional (that’s me!), in full confidentiality.

“Overcoming binge eating” is the best studied of all self-help programs for binge eating problems.

Guided self-help is remarkably effective as a treatment for binge eating disorder.

“Overcoming Binge Eating” has two sections. The first contains psycho-education about eating disorders and the second a six-step self-help program. Each step includes specific homework tasks and checklists that allow participants to monitor their progress.

The steps are progressively added, in a specific order, to address each issue individually and avoid patients feeling overwhelmed. After a first assessment session, the guided self-help program is typically delivered in 8 sessions over a period of 12 weeks.

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